WVDOH Updates Public About Blackwater Avoidance Study Area
Representatives from the West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) met to update members of the public about eight new alignments being considered for the Blackwater Avoidance Study area. More than 70 people attended the informational public meeting at the Blackwater Falls State Park Conference Center on January 18.

State Highway Engineer Joe Deneault explained, "This meeting gave us the opportunity to present eight new possible alignments to the residents of Thomas and Davis, answer their questions and listen to their comments. We encourage the public to attend these meetings and we want residents to be involved in every step of determining the preferred alignment."

The following photos illustrate the meeting's activities:

Mary Keith Floyd, assistant environmental
scientist with Michael Baker Jr., Inc.,
welcomes two of the meeting's attendees.

Michael Baker Jr., Inc.'s Claudette Jenkins,
senior environmental scientist, answers a
question about the project.

WVDOH's Norse Angus, environmental
analyst, points out one of the alignments to a
member of the public.

Michael Baker Jr., Inc.'s Katry Harris,
assistant project manager, talks about the
location of the alignments with a local

WVDOH's Jim Colby, environmental analyst,
discusses the project with attendees to the

More than 70 people attended the
informational public meeting.

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