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June 29, 2000
CAG Met June 29th to Discuss Recommendations

Members of the Corridor H Community Advisory Group (CAG) met Thursday, June 29, to discuss their recommendations for the construction of Corridor H in the areas of Thomas and Davis. West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) officials attended the 5 p.m. meeting at the Davis Town Hall to answer the group's questions.

The members of CAG discussed a letter of recommendation they are preparing about the construction of Corridor H in the Davis and Thomas areas for the WVDOH. This was the group's last formal discussion meeting before they send the letter.

According to Joe Deneault, state highway engineer, CAG was formed in response to the settlement agreement between the groups opposing the construction of Corridor H and the West Virginia Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration. CAG has 12 members, representing a cross-section of interests potentially affected by Corridor H in the Davis and Thomas areas.

"Members of CAG are very involved in this issue and work to communicate their communities' concerns and interests," Deneault said. "Members of the group discuss their communities' recommendations at these meetings and then try to resolve any potential and actual conflicts that may arise. The group also works to identify acceptable alternatives to satisfy parties involved with this issue."

During the meeting, CAG members decided on which recommendations they might include in their letter to the WVDOH. Some of the recommendations the group discussed included the following:

Three interchanges between Thomas and Davis
The route which they would recommend for the highway to follow
Places the highway construction should avoid
A rest stop and Chamber of Commerce combined facility at mile 93 in Davis

Three members of CAG volunteered to write the letter and send it to the other members for any comments and additions. CAG will meet informally to discuss the contents of the letter before it is sent.

"This type of interaction helps us find what the people in the communities want," Deneault said. "We will look at each of the recommendations, research them and try to come up with the best possible solutions."

The State Highway Engineer added, "We greatly benefit from the opportunity to communicate with the public and members of groups such as CAG. We get to talk with them about the projects, listen to their concerns and recommendations and try to answer questions that may arise."

The WVDOH officials did address questions from members of CAG at the Thursday meeting. One member of the group asked if there would be any money available for the communities of Thomas and Davis. WVDOH officials told the group they were willing to help put a request together for funds to benefit the communities.

CAG will meet informally July 12, at 5 p.m. to finish the letter of recommendations.

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