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June 21, 2000
DOH Presents Studies to Local Residents

Davis, W.Va. – Representatives from the West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) hosted a public scoping meeting on Wednesday, June 14 at Canaan Valley Resort to provide the public with information about the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statements (SEIS) for the segments of Corridor H connecting Thomas to Davis and Kerens to Parsons.

According to the WVDOH, the SEIS is a document, produced by the Division of Highways, to encapsulate all effects that the project is expected to have on historical properties in the area, the surrounding environment, and the community adjacent to the preferred alignment. The WVDOH explained that this public scoping meeting held to present information on the SEIS signifies the conclusion of this phase of the project and also gives the public an opportunity to present comments and issues they wish to be considered.

"Completing this crucial stage of the process permits Corridor H to advance. I am very excited that we are at this point for these two sections of the corridor," said Commissioner of the Division of Highways, Sam Beverage.

In cooperation with representatives from Michael J. Baker Corporation, a consultant for the WVDOH, officials from the Division of Highways explained to over 50 interested citizens the detailed process of conducting the SEIS and the conclusions that it will include.

"Now that the scoping process is complete, it is the appropriate time to seek public input about the preferred alignment and the area it surrounds," said Beverage. He continued, "We strongly encourage residents to send us your official comments about these segments to help us create a better road. Our objective is to build the best road possible that is safe, cost-effective and the least intrusive to the environment. We organized this meeting so that the people of Davis, Thomas, Parsons and other cities in the area can voice concerns, raise questions, and help us move forward in the completion of Corridor H."

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