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The Route - Corridor H
The West Virginia Division of Highways is committed to protecting the history and beauty that makes West Virginia unique. The map below contains the current proposed route for the Corridor H roadway. This route was chosen to enhance vehicle safety and increase economic development and tourism. It was also chosen in order to avoid the many cultural and historical sites and because of its low impact upon the environment.

PLEASE NOTE: The WVDOH development schedule regarding Corridor H has been revised to reflect the anticipated decrease in federal funding to be made available to the WVDOH for Corridor H.

The below graphic is a small version of the whole map. Please click here to view the entire map at full-size (135k) or

1.) Elkins to Kerens
2.) Kerens to Parsons
3.) Parsons to Davis
4.) Davis to Bismark
5.)Bismark to Forman
6.) Forman to Moorefield
7.)Moorefiled to Baker
8.) Baker to Wardensville
9.) Wardensville to Virginia

click each above region for a larger image of that section.

This map is not to scale nor is it an accurate geographic representation of the area. This graphic is for planning and public information purposes only. Distances area approximated to the nearest alignment point.

In order to gain a true understanding of the project, it is important to know the history of Corridor H. Take a moment to look at the project timeline, it will take you through the process of building the proposed highway from the beginning to the present.
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